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SponsorUnited is the leading global sports and entertainment intelligence platform, delivering real-time trends and on-demand research that provides invaluable insights. With 1.1 million deals and 250,000 brands and properties tracked, our SaaS database enables brands and rights holders to partner more effectively and make decisions at speed and scale. By connecting the entire sponsorship ecosystem through the most comprehensive data available anywhere, SponsorUnited is fueling smarter partnerships.

We are seeking a highly skilled Product Manager to join our team for a SaaS data platform with a focus on integrating AI technologies such as Open AI into the SponsorUnited platform. The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of artificial intelligence and natural language processing with experience in defining and leading the integration of AI into web applications.


  1. Develop and implement a product strategy for the SaaS data platform with a focus on integrating AI technologies such as Open AI.
  2. Collaborate with stakeholders including sales, marketing, engineering, and design teams to ensure product development aligns with business goals.
  3. Conduct market research to understand customer needs and identify opportunities for product innovation.
  4. Manage the product development lifecycle from ideation to launch, including creating product roadmaps, defining product requirements, and working with engineering teams to develop and test products.
  5. Define and track key performance metrics to evaluate product success and identify opportunities for improvement.
  6. Develop and maintain product documentation, including user guides, release notes, and product FAQs.
  7. Work with cross-functional teams to ensure successful product launches and adoption.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Business or related field.
  2. 5+ years of product management experience in the saas industry, with experience in integrating AI technologies.
  3. Proven track record of successful product launches and customer adoption.
  4. Experience with agile development methodologies and managing cross-functional teams.
  5. Strong analytical skills with experience in data analysis, market research, and customer segmentation.
  6. Experience with user experience (UX) design and usability testing.
  7. Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively with cross-functional teams.


  1. Strong understanding of SaaS data platforms, data analytics, and AI technologies.
  2. Ability to think strategically and creatively to develop innovative product solutions.
  3. Strong problem-solving skills, with the ability to analyze complex issues and develop effective solutions.
  4. Strong project management skills, with the ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  5. Strong leadership and interpersonal skills, with the ability to influence and motivate cross-functional teams.
  6. Comfortable with ambiguity and able to adapt quickly to changing priorities and business needs.
  7. Strong attention to detail, with the ability to maintain high standards for product quality and customer satisfaction.

Please Note: We value the privacy and security of anyone wanting to apply and work for SponsorUnited. Know that we would never ask anyone to send money in relation to any job posting. We look forward to reviewing your application.